Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Burger Blog Returns!!

I sure blew my New Year's Resolution of keeping this Burger Blog more packed with tasty burger reports! But the year is not over yet, so let's give it another shot.

I hope everyone enjoyed some tasty burgers over the summer!! I know I did. The burger restaurant reviews will return in the next full-post - a report of Michael Symon's latest restaurant - B-SPOT in Crocker Park (the 3rd B-spot in the Cleveland Area). I'll try not to make everyone wait 9 months for the next post...I'm sure you are in suspense awaiting my BURGER VERDICT.

But for this mini-post, let's keep things a bit closer. Like my kitchen! Here's a tasty burger I just cooked up - a six ounce Venison burger cooked on Foreman Grill. Just threw it on there for three minutes, and I think I could've gotten away with having it been a little more rare. But still very tasty. I topped it with goat cheese, chopped onion, crushed red pepper and jalapeno mustard. Here's some pictures!

Burger Porn! The burger is BUCK NAKED!

Now it's all dressed up and ready to go. Ready to go into my belly!!

And as a bonus - here's a picture of EVERY BURGER - Japanese Burger Candy. Very kindly donated to the burger blog. It's been a while since I ate them, but they were good! I expected them to be like a gummi worm in burger form - but they were actually more like tasty cookies that looked like tiny burgers. Now who is going to donate the recently invented Japanese poop burger for me to try!?